Chair of Sociology, in particular of Modeling and Simulation

Modeling Socio-Economic Systems and Crises (PhD and Postdoc Seminar) FS 2008

A seminar organized by Dirk Helbing, jointly with Kay Axhausen, Lars-Erik Cederman, Andreas Diekmann, Hans Herrmann, Frank Schweitzer, Didier Sornette and their teams, together with guests of other chairs and universities.

Date: Tuesday (weekly during the Spring Semester)

Place: Clausiusstrasse 59, RZ F 21,

Time: 13:00 to 15:00

You are welcome to submit proposals for presentations you would like to give in order to get a feedback from others or presentations that you would like to hear to fill a knowledge gap.

February 26, 2008:
Heiko Rauhut:
Crime and Punishment. A Game Theoretic Perspective

March 4, 2008 (at 13:00 sharp!):
Markus Christen:
How to Measure Moral Behavior?

March 18, 2008:
Michael Koenig:
Efficiency and Stability of Dynamic Innovation Networks

Mark Hürlimann:
Mastering Real-World Complexity with Matrices and Simulation

April 1, 2008:
Jan Lorenz:
Fostering Consensus in Continuous Opinion Dynamics under Bounded Confidence

April 8, 2008:
Patrick Groeber:
The Role of Networks and Heterogeneity for the Emergence of Social Norms and Conventions

April 15, 2008:
Jemery Keith Hackney:
A Multi-Agent Model for Coupling Social Interactions and Travel Behavior

Fabian Winter (Department of Sociology, University of Leipzig):
Selfishness, Equity and Equality - Ultimatum Game with different contributions to surplus

April 22, 2008:
Konrad Meister/N.N.:
Daily Traffic Demand Optimization Based on Multi-Agent Transport Simulation

April 29, 2008:
Lennart Schalk:
"Homo heuristicus? Cognitive mechanisms of decision making"

May 6, 2008 (at 13:00 sharp!):
Geoffrey West:
(Santa Fe Institute, US)
"Size matters; Growth, Innovation and the Pace of Life; is it Sustainable?"

afterwards: internal CCSS Team Meeting

May 20, 2008:
Wenjian Yu:
Sociological Perspectives on Pedestrian Simulation

Mehdi Moussaid:
Experimental Study of Interactive Pedestrian Behavior

May 27, 2008 (at 13:00 sharp!):
Lubos Buzna:
Cascading Failures in Networks

Nils B. Weidmann
Group Geography and Conflict in Bosnia

June 11, 10:30 - 11:30
(Wednesday, during term break) in SOMS Library, Universitaetsstrasse 41, UNO A11
Nikolas Geroliminis:
(Assistant Professor Department of Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota)
How the Macroscopic Modeling of Traffic Can Contribute to Improving Mobility

Armando Bazzani:
(Department of Physics, University of Bologna)
Statistical laws for urban mobility using single vehicle GPS data

Please note, that there will be no seminar on


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