Chair of Sociology, in particular of Modeling and Simulation

Colloquium Quantitative Sociology

Term: Fall 2012

This is the website of the "Quantitative Sociology" Colloquium (851-0585-23L) in the Fall semester 2012. You may find the schedule of talks below. Any further information on the colloquium may be found here.


Course Schedule
Speaker Host/Chair Title
Chris Snijders
(TU Eindhoven)
Andreas Diekmann
Small is the new Big - Comparing human and computer decision making
Fangfang Tan
(MPI München)
Ryan Murphy
Third party punishment: retribution or deterrence?
Andrew Grow
(University of Groningen)
Dirk Helbing Regional Variation in Status Values – An Explanation Based on Status Construction Theory
Robert Böhm
(University of Erfurt)
Ryan Murphy
How Inter-Group Processes may Affect Intra-Group Cooperation: New Arguments to an Old Debate
Flaminio Squazzoni
(Brescia University)
Dirk Helbing
Peering into Peer-Review: Experimental and Computational Findings
Rainer Hegselmann
(University of Bayreuth)
Andreas Diekmann
Schelling Reconsidered, A forgotten Pioneer, and the Idea of a General Configuration Game
Jürgen Fleiß
(University of Graz)
Andreas Diekmann
The Provision of Public Goods: An Experimental Study of the Effectiveness of the Allocator Mechanism
28.11. Robert ten Brincke
Ryan Murphy
Risky Decisions and the Effect of a Bonus in Simple Stochastic Games
Karsten Donnay
Dirk Helbing
Finding Reactive Patterns in Spatiotemporal Data
Tom DiPrete
(Columbia University)
Andreas Diekmann
The Rise of Women: The Growing Gender Gap in Education
Peter Dodds
(University of Vermont)
Dirk Helbing
Health, Happiness, and Hahaha: Twitter's many reflections of social stories.

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