Chair of Sociology, in particular of Modeling and Simulation

Lecture with Computer Exercises: Modelling and Simulating Social Systems with MATLAB

Term: Fall 2011



The course will take place every Monday from 5.15 to 6.45 pm in room HG E 26.1. Lectures are divided into two parts: in the first 30-40 minutes the material of the respective lecture is covered, the remainder of the 90 minutes lecture consists of supervised exercises.

Project deadline & Oral Presentations

The final grade in the course is based on a 15 min. oral presentation and a written 30-40 pages report (including source code) detailing the research project completed. The deadline for the submission of the final report is December 16th 2011 at midnight, the oral presentations are scheduled as follows:

Monday, December 19th 10.20 am to 1 pm and 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm

Tuesday, December 20th 3 pm to 6 pm

Please sign up for presentation slots the week of November 28th and December 5th in class or via the course mailing list!


NEW: Current Project Presentations Schedule

Link: Projects page
Download: (LaTeX), reportTemplate.doc, ETH Declaration of Originality


Course Material

Please find the list of lectures below; the course material for each week will be made available here around noon on the day of the lecture.

1 - Introduction to the Course, to Modeling and MATLAB
Introduction to Course (.ppt, .pdf), Introduction to MATLAB (.ppt, .pdf), Solutions_1
2 - Plotting/Statistics in MATLAB; Research Proposal & Project
Research Proposal & Project (.ppt, .pdf), Plotting & Statistics (.ppt, .pdf), cities.m, countries.m, additional material on plotting (.zip)
3 - Dynamical Systems; Introducing GIT
Introduction to GIT (.ppt, .pdf), Dynamical Systems (.ppt, .pdf),, lorenzattractor.m,, pendulum.m, lotkavolterra.m, odetest.m
4 - Cellular Automata
Cellular Automata (.ppt, .pdf),, draw_car.m, simulate_cars.m, simulate_cars_video.m, disease.m, Solutions_4
5 - Game Theory and Agent-based modeling
ABM and Game Theory (.ppt, .pdf), interated prisoner's dilemma
6 - Introduction to Graphs/Networks
Graphs and Networks (.ppt, .pdf), cell2csv.m, export.m
7 - Simulations with Networks
Simulations with Networks (.ppt, .pdf), additional material
8 - Continuous Space Simulations
Continuous Space (.ppt,.pdf)
9 - Optimization and Parallelization
Speed and Optimization (.ppt, .pdf)
10 - Statistical Tests, Final Report and Scientific Writing
Statistical Tests, Report and Scientific Writing (.ppt, .pdf)
11 - Evolutionary Stability and Replicator Dynamics
Evolutionary Stability and Replicator Dynamics (.ppt, .pdf)

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